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The General Secretariat of the V International Congress Woman, Work & Health announces that the reception of proposals has closed. Nevertheless, registrations for assistants continue.


The Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (UAZ), the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), Iniciativa Ciudadana y Desarrollo Social (INCIDE Social, A.C.), El Colegio de Sonora, the Research Centre in Feeding and Development, A.C. (CIAD), the National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM)  and Zanzana, Conocimiento y Expresión, A.C.

with the auspices of the International Labor Organization


all academicians, workers, union members, members of the civil society, decision makers, policy makers and the interested general public to assist to the the

V International Congress Women, Work and Health
"Towards decent and healthy jobs for women"

to take place in the City of Zacatecas, Mexico on October 27th to 31st, 2008.

The objectives of this V Congress are the following:

  • To progress in the discussion of the main issues related to women’s work and health at the local, national, Latin American and international levels.
  • To progress in the organization of women towards the improvement of the conditions in both remunerated and non-remunerated work.
  • To propitiate the coordination of efforts between all actors whose mission is a commitment on issues related to women’s work and health.
  • To go beyond the subject of women’s health from a traditional point of view towards a methodological proposal that is based on health-disease determinants.

The organization of the congress themes is the result of a long discusión process. They are focused on health determinants, which are shared by the World Health Organization, and in the organized social responsed to them. We seek that the discussion and actions be defined and based on the determinants, and not limited to the efectos of work on health. The works will be gathered under one of the themes grouped in the following seven thematic axes: Situation of the Work Market, Non-remunerated Work, Organization of work, Work Conditions and Work Environment, Policies, Rights & Justice and Methodologies.  The forms of participation will be Free oral works, Testimonies, Posters (presented in Arena), Pre-organized tables and Organization Forums

 Participation as an attendant to the congress is limited to it´s registration and the payment of the subscription fee. The registry can be done  online or through the attaqched form printed out and sent by post.

Postal Registration Address: V Congreso Mujer, Trabajo y Salud
                                         Apartado Postal 21-041
                                         04021, México, D.F. 
                                         M  E  X  I  C  O


The payments may be done through bank transfer or in situ.

The Congress fee includes:

- Registration fee
- Materials and book of summaries
-Transport to downtown - Congress seat UAZ installations - downtown city. (October 28 to 31)
-Lunch (October 27 to 30 )
-Inauguration Toast (October 27)
-City tour and visit to museums (October 28)
-Alley tour and taco dinner -Mexican food (30 October)
-Closing lunch (October 31)

In order to finish with your registration process, once you have received the confirmation and your REGISTRY NUMBER, in case of attendants, and when you have received your acceptance letter. In case of speakers, please be so kind to make your fee payment through any of the next procedures:

Fill the attached document with the respective information and pay at your bank.

II. Internet Transfer/deposit
Nr. CLABE: 072 180 00548041161 2
Besides the CLABE Nr., the next information is required (it is also available at the attached document):

Intermediary Bank/ Fed Routing: 021-000-018
Swift Bic: IRVTUS3N
Bank name: The Bank of New Cork
Location: New York, USA

Beneficiary´s Bank/ Swift Bic: MENOMXMT
Bank name: Banco Mercantil del Norte, S.A.
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Beneficiary´s customer/ Account Number: 0548041161
Beneficiary´s Full Name: Zanzana, Conocimiento y Expresion, A.C.
Additional Information: V WWH Congress fee

Once done the payment, please send a copy of the transfer receipt to  including your name and Registry number, in order to confirm the transaction and extend your fee payment confirmation.

III. In situ

Payments can be done at your arrival on any branch office of BANORTE, there are offices all around the country (includin Mexico´s city airport and also in the city of Zacatecas). The V Congress will NOT recieve payments in situ, please do it before presentin at the Registration Table.

Bank: Banorte sucursal 0388 D.F.
eneficiary: Zanzana Conocimiento y Expresión A.C.
Account Number: 0548041161

Please give your registration number and your payment reciept the 27th October from 9 to 17 hours at the Registration Table on the Autonomus University of Zacatecas (address will be published further), in order to receive your abstract book and materials.

The subscription fees are the following:


Fee from July 1 to October 20, 2008

In site fee

(October 21 to 27, 2008)


300 USD

350 USD


250 USD

300 USD

Students in general

200 USD

250 USD

UAZ Academicians

500 pesos

1500 pesos

UAZ Students

250 pesos

500 pesos

Information contacts: [email protected]
                               [email protected]

Thematic Coordination: [email protected]

Registry Form (print version)

Arena: This format consists in the previous reception of abstracts by all the participants on the subjects groupes on each arena, the objective is that during the poster exhibition discussions will arise on the grouped theme.


Organization Forums

For all the registered participants to the V International Woman, Work and Health Congress, we invite you to propose or participate in any organization forums. Such Organization Forums are an innovative format that intent to fulfill with one of the congress’s objective, which approach is to go further the discussion about the subjects that matter to women workers, activists, investigators, legislators and businesswomen, responsible, cooperative, employee, etc. with regard to work and health of the women, allowing to hold in the congress, meetings in order to discuss the actions to be followed about specific aspects, taking advantage from the participant assistance from different countries, sectors and organizations.

Ten organization forums are anticipated to be made. The Organization Committee from the Congress will offer three physical spaces, for two hours each one, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 and four spaces Thursday 30. Each one of these sessions shall have the support of a bilingual facilitator. The subject of the forums can be promoted in advance in this web site so the women participants can register to the foreseen forums in advance.

It is foreseen that the idea for some of these forums rises from the simultaneous discussion sessions, in these cases the congress’s organizers shall inform the process to be followed, and those who are interested shall register directly in the room in which these sessions shall take place. It will be possible to use the designated spaces depending on de quorum. The success or compliance of the agreed post-congress activities in each forum will be responsibility of the people and organizations that announce and are involved in them and with the resources that one or more of those people an organizations provide.

In order to register a forum please fill the enclosed form, with the forum’s name, sponsors, responsible person with its registation  number (previously assigned) and the forum’s description. Please, send it to [email protected] for its assessment.


To register as assistant to any of the forums please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number and the forum you wish to attend to the same e-mail address above mentioned.




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