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Dr. Mabel Burin

Dr. Annika Härenstam

Dr. Sioban Harlow
Michigan University

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Dr. Valentina Forastieri ILO



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Dr. Karen Messing








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Pre-Congress Workshops


 Workshop  Labor Union Strategies in labor health and gender
 ISTAS/C.C.O.O. for Women Workers with ILO sponsorship
 Monday 27 October from 12:00 to 18:00 with the ILO sponsorship
 Duration: 5 hours (lunch from 14:00 to 15:00 hours)
 Team: Neus Moreno, Montserrat López, Aitana Gari y Nancy Piedra; as observer Valentina
  Forastieri,  Specialist in Working Conditions, Safety and Occupational Health, ILO

 Coordinate: Nancy Piedra [email protected] & Neus Moreno [email protected]
It has been possible in the V International Congress “Woman, Work and Health” frame to organize and specific space to reflex about the work conditions and women's health, with the purpose of thinking about the needs of policy and social intervention which come from the social reality and the develop experiences in the Latin American labor union environment. We have chosen the Latin American environment because the encounter in Mexico is a great opportunity. This workshop borns from the proposal of women of labor unions from Latin American countries which identify the necessity to exchange experiences and define objectives that have in mind the dimension of gender in order to adopt the Latin American strategy of improvement of work and health conditions. We pretend the workshop to be an area that helps to define priorities of intervention that respond to the Latin American women’s reality who work in the extra-domestic environment. With this we wish to strengthen the labor union interventions and to contribute to the improvement of life and work conditions of Latin American women.  
Workshop objectives: Reflex and put together concepts and models to approximate to the relation: work and health conditions incorporating the point of view of gender. Socialize the personal and organizational experiences taking into account the labor union strength and weakness, emphasizing about the participation spaces and incorporating the approach of gender to work and labor health that labor union organizations make. Promote the necessity to create spaces of exchange, reflection and action to a Latin American level in labor health in order to feedback and strengthen the specific actions of the union labor women in each country. Identify the reflection and action lines to be adopted in the Latin American strategy about labor health, so that it solves particularly to the problematic of women's work condition and labor health.
Specific Objective: To debate about the interest and opportunity to conform a chain of labor union women for the strategic development of work proposals that respond to the necessities of the women taking into account the problematic of labor health regarding the gender.
Work Methodology: We will work with a participative methodology with the aim of generate a reflection and exchange around the social inequalities, the work conditions and the gender relations that go depth into the social inequalities in work and health. Subsequently we will make a team work. For that the full session will be divided into four groups, each group will count with the participation of a person who represents the ISTAS-CCOO, who will act as a facilitator and at the same time will support the systematization work of the discussion generated in the group.   The groups will argue about four thematic subjects that subsequently we will detail. Once made the team works, we will go back to the session where each group will expose the results, subsequently it will be opened a space to argue and reach and agreement about possible actions to develop and the conformation, if it is decided, of the "Chain of Labor Union and Worker Women”.
12 noon – 12:15- Presentation of the workshop’s objectives, in charge Nancy Piedra
12:15-12:35 Presentation of the proximity to the reflection frame Women, works and health. In charge Neus Moreno.
12:35-13:00 Debate in full session
13:00 - 14:00 and from 15:00 to 16:00 (lunch time from14:00 to 15:00)
Group discussion: four groups will be formed. Each group will discuss a thematic subject; the thematic subjects which are proposed are the following (subject to the approval or modification of the group).
Construction of the perception of women about the relation work-health, social inequalities in labor health and invisibility.
Specific labor risks of women.
Participation and transformation of work and health conditions. Direct participation of the women workers and delegated participation through the labor union representation.
Public Policies and Preventive Policies
In each thematic group is interesting to analyze the following aspects.
Personal and labor union experiences.
Obstacles and strength
Action proposals
4:00 to 5:00 15. Moderate Nancy Piedra and Neus Moreno
Exposition of the results of each team work, 10 minutes for each one
Full Debate: Developing of the first conclusions.
To register as assistant to the workshop (only in spanish) please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and
 ISTAS WORKSHOP to [email protected] .

Master Conferences

Monday 27 October 19:00 hrs.
Inauguration Master Conference Karen Messing – Canada
Université du Québec en Montréal  
“Changing Science to Change the World:  
Evolution of the Women's Occupational Health Field”  
financed by: INMUJERES

Tuesday, 28 October, from 9:00 to 10:00 hrs
Master Conference
Mabel Burin. –Argentina-
Programa de Género y Subjetividad en la Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES) de Buenos Aires
Gender and Depressive Conditions: The Glass Ceiling & the Glass Boundaries
 in the Working Career of Women"
Financed by: CEIICH/UNAM and UAZ

Tuesday, 28 October, from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs
Master Conference Valentina Forastieri
ILO Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment
Integrating the Gender Perspective in Occupational Safety and Health Policies. The gender dimension"
Financed by: International Labour Office

Wednesday, 29 October, from 9:00 to 10:00 hrs.
Master Conference
Annika Härenstam –Sweden-
Professor at the
Department of Work Science, Göteborg University and
Associate Professor in Psychology at the Karolinska Institute
"Gendered Organizational and Working Conditions and Women's and Men's Health"
Financed by: Zanzana Conocimiento y Expresión AC

 Thursday, 30 October, from 9:00 to 10:00 hrs.
 Master Conference
Sioban Harlow -EUA-
 Professor, Michigan University, Ann Arbor
 “Occupational Risks to Human Reproduction– Two Decades Later:
A reflection on Accomplishments & Challenges”
 Financed by: UAM-Xochimilco

Plenary Session


 Wednesday, 29 October, from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs.
“Different Approaches and Common Goals: Gender, Safety and Health in Work”
“Enfoques distintos y metas comunes: genero & Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo”)
Maritza Tennasee, OPS Regional Advisor
Marijke Velzeboer-Salcedo, OPS-GEH, OPS Coordinator of Gender, Ethnicity and Health


  Thurdsday 30 October from 15:00 to 16:00 hours
“Resultados de Encuesta sobre Condiciones y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo, Salud y Seguridad en el trabajo: Republica Dominicana"

Ivonne Altagracia Soto Grullon
Labour risks administrator at the Dominican Institute of Social Securities

Organization Forums

Tuesday 28 October, from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs.    AUDIOVISUAL ROOM BUILDING A
Breast milk contaminants and women´s rights

The Moms (Make our Milk Safe) and POPs Project (MaPP) is dedicated to raising the level of awareness about best biomonitoring protocols on Persistent Organic Pollutants and helping women to protect and defend the health of their families. Biomonitoring, a process which tests body tissues and fluids for the presence of toxic chemicals, tells us that women everywhere are being exposed to toxic chemicals that have the capacity to mimic hormones.  As false hormones, these chemicals can erroneously trigger physiological processes that damage neurological, immunological and reproductive systems in the human body.  Diseases such as infertility, breast cancer, birth defects and developmental disabilities, are linked to exposures to these false hormones (also called” endocrine disrupting chemicals”), including persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Women’s health around the world is being threatened by continuing and ubiquitous exposures to POPs and other toxic chemicals. The United Nations Stockholm Convention banning twelve of the worst POPs chemicals. The World Health Organization, working closely with the United Nations Environmental Program, has been tasked with implementing a new project to biomonitor human milk for the presence of a set of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in 30 key countries in the Global South. Data from the WHO project will help evaluate the effectiveness of the Stockholm Convention. Breastmilk remains critically important for the health of babies and women need to be an integral part of the  WHO Project in the planning process to ensure that breastmilk monitoring is done with sensitivity and with cultural appropriateness and will be used to reduce the  exposure to POPs chemicals, rather than decrease the number of women that breastfeed.  For more info: //www.safemilk.org/article.php.html?list=type&type=92 .To register as assistant to the forum please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and  CAATA FORUM to [email protected] .

  Wednesday, 29 October, from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs.   AUDIOVISUAL ROOM BUILDING A
Work Team: Aitana Garí, Montserrat Lopez, Neus Moreno, Nancy Piedra and Valentina Forastieri, Main Specialist in Work, Safety and Occupational Health Conditions of the OIT, as observer.

Forum objectives:  To present the main conclusions and results raised from the “Union Intervention in Work Health and Gender”, to be carried out on Monday 29.  To continue and open the reflection of the people interested in the union participation and the work and health conditions of women. To promote the need of creating spaces to exchange, reflect and act in Latin America regarding the occupational health to feedback and strength the specific actions of union women and other social organizations in each country. Discuss about the action lines focused to promote a Latin American strategy that particularly responds to the problems of women associated to their work and health condition. The results of the Shop “Union Intervention in Work Health and Gender” shall be shown and discussed in the FORUM "Social, Union and Regional Strategies about Gender and Occupational Health", on Wednesday, October 29 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  The reflections and work offers derived from the shop shall be socialized in the FORUM in order to hold talks with all those people interested in the subject, and not necessarily linked to the union sphere.  This shall allow us to add other suggestions or work offers to define the action lines to promote a Latin American strategy that particularly responds to the problems of women and the occupational health.  Therefore, the Forum will start with a presentation of the results obtained from the Shop and an open debate with all the participants, focusing in trying to outline the proposals on gender and working health that should be added to the working health policies that are being prepared in the Latin American sphere (Latin America SST Strategy) and in the domestic frameworks.  From the result of the debate, a document including the reflections and proposals shall be produced.
To register as assistant to the forum please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and  ILO FORUM to [email protected] .



Thursday 30 October, from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs.    AUDIOVISUAL ROOM BUILDING A1
Development of policies for protecting home healtcare workers health
To register as assistant to the forum please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and  PAHO FORUM to [email protected] .

Thursday 30 October, from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs.    AUDIOVISUAL ROOM BUILDING A4
Development of strategies and instruments for data capturing about conditions, work envorinment and health in men ans women of countries that do not have sistematic surveys on the theme
To register as assistant to the forum please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and  ZANZANA FORUM to [email protected] .

Friday 31 October, from 9:00 to 11:00 hrs.    AUDIOVISUAL ROOM BUILDING A2
Woman, work & health Initiative for Latinamerica
The Organizator Committee invites all interested people, mainly form Latin american countries, to debate on the proposal of the Initiative WWH for LA. To register as assistant to the forum please send the registration form enclosed with your name, registration number  and  V WWH FORUM to [email protected] .

 Other Meetings to be Held at the Congress  

1) ICOH – Officers Meeting (behind closed doors)

2) ICOH – 1st meeting Scientific Group on Women and Work. Professionals in Health are invited to participate. 
Wednesday 29 October 14:00 to 15:00 hrs      ROOM 14  BUILDING E2

  3) Consultancies for organizations with expert women
Rights of Reproduction
Person in charge: Martha de la Fuente - Argentina. Supported by the Sonora´s Women Institute
Physician with a large career in the activism; first in the political fight in her origin country (Argentina), and then in a feminist fight that began in a place of the province of Mexico.  With a comprehensive international experience. She added strengths and enthusiasm to the feminist ideals after going into exile in Mexico, where she lived for 10 years.  Co-founder of a self-awareness group that carried out shops, seminars, talks and street activities to raise public awareness in favor of feminism causes. Mrs. de la Fuente developed her international experience in the World Network of Women for the Rights of Reproduction, with headquarters on Amsterdam, where she worked for 12 years.  In such years she gained an important experience for countries in Latin America and Asia. Her career comprises the work in public health, the right to health, and many years devoted to the organization to build the movement of women.  Her roots in the political tasks began in the sixties.  Her medical education and active feminism was the base of her commitments to fight for the Rights of Reproduction.  Such commitments were extended when she also integrated the perspective of the Human Rights.   She seeks to apply such perspective into her latest work, carried out under an International Program of Intervention, named "Sanitary Strategies in the Health Services to Decrease the Maternal Mortality", promoted by the Columbia University in Nueva York, where Mrs. de la Fuente worked as researcher-adviser.  Today, she makes incursions into the knowledge of the bio-politics and traditional dances.  Information about the date and room for the event shall be provided soon.



The names that appear in the program are of the person registered as speaker (coauthors will appear in the Abstract Book and Diploma). Speakers have 15 minutes for its presentation


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Labor Status of Women and Mental Health                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Ma. Asunción Lara. Reporter: Margarita Pulido

Berenzon, Shoshana   Is the Additional Domestic Work a Risk Factor?
Hochhausen, Laila   Employment and Mental Health of Latin American Women in the USA
Lara Cantú, Ma. Asunción   Remunerated Work and Mental Health During Pregnancy
Lara Muñoz, Ma. Del Carmen   Employment and Depression
Natera Rey, Guillermina   Couple Violence and its Link with Work


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Conceptual Developments on Work and Health                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Gabriela Grijalva. Reporter: Ana Lau

Borges Romero, Aismara   The Use of Methodological Triangulation to Describe
Delgado Castillo, Aura Adriana   Building Life Quality with the Triad of Gender, Health and Work
Denman Champion, Catalina A.   Women’s Work and Health: a Conceptual Frame
Garduño, Ma. de Los Ángeles   Gender Perspective and Health at Work
Oviedo Gamero, Magaly Del Pilar   Woman, Work and Health in Peru
Ramírez-Velázquez, Josefina   The Socio-Cultural Epidemiology as Strategy


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Perception of Health Workers                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Miriam Martínez Valladares. Reporter: Gladys Ravelo Papua

Crespo de Hernández, Olga   The White Gender
David Scherlowski Leal, Helena Ma.   Work Organization as a Primary Attention
Delgado Sánchez, Ana Ma.   Perceived Health of Men and Women Doctors of Families
Mauro, Ma. Yvone Cháves   Work Conditions, Risk Factors and Health Problems Perceived by the Infirmary Workers
Santos, Cristiana Casseres   Perception of the Nursing Experts about a Chemotherapy Service on the Occupational Risks.
Verde Flota, Elizabeth   Nurses: Their Perception of the Profession


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Health Risks Because of the Use of Substances                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Cointa Lagunes. Reporter: Teresita Rodríguez

Karam Calderón, Miguel Ángel   Inequity on the Exposure to Pesticides
Moreno Sáenz, Neus   Environmental Pesticides: A Social Story
Valls Llobet, Carme   Multiple Chemical Hypersensitivity, Endocrine Disruption and Neurological Diseases because of Orgnophosphates and Solvents on Women after a Chemical Exposure at Work. A 11 Years Monitoring
Valls Llobet, Carme   Chronic Tiredness and Fibromyalgia as Occupational Diseases after Exposure to 
                                     Insecticides and Solvents
Hall, Alan   Chemical Assault and Eye/Skin Burns: Two Representative Case, Report from the Acid Survivors
                    Foundation, and Literature Review


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Work at Educational Institutions                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Coordinator: Olivia Tena Guerrero. Reporter: Edamara González Marrero

Argüelles Gómez, Ma. Margarita   The Subculture of the Academic Woman at Puebla
Camarena Ojinaga, Lourdes   Stress and Gender on Academic Scenes
Del Pino Peña, Rebeca   Harassment among University Women Students
Castillo Guerrero, Víctor Daniel   Women in Danger at a Venezuelan University
Escalona, Evelín   Ergonomics Problems and Aphonia on Teachers
León Cortés, Silvia Graciela   Work Conditions and Burnout Syndrome on Elementary Education Teachers form Jalisco.
Sandoval Delgado, Norma Angélica   Social Conformation of People: Teachers


TUESDAY 28th FORM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 6: Ways to Take Care of Health                   Audiovisual E4

Coordinator: Ruth Arroyo. . Reporter: Carmen Martínez

Cerezo Bautista, Ana Ma.   Social Representation of Herself, Women Who Work at Home
Hopsu, Leila   Screening Lifestyle Related Health Risk Behavior
Julio Medel, Gabriela   Women’s Voluntary Work in Chile 1880 – 1929
Van Eijsden-Besseling, Marjon Dorothea F.   Effectiveness Postural Exercise Therapy in WRULD



TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Women’s Health and the Monitoring of Toxics                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Sharyl. Patton Reporter: Cointa Lagunes

Bejarano González, Fernando   The Monitoring of the Quantity of Contaminants in the Body
Martinez Contreras, Sandra   Testimonies of People Affected by Pesticides
Medel Riquelme, Julia   Women’s Work and Toxics: The Invisible Risk
Patton, Sharyle   Biomonitoring as a Public Health Tool


TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Psychosocial Factors, and Sexual Harassment                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Josefina Ramírez. Reporter: Ruth Arroyo

Chakrabarti, Sarmistha   Effect of Work-Related Stress on Nurses
Del Pino Peña, Rebeca   Labor Stress on Women’s Staff of Marine Oil Platforms.
Marrero Santos, María de Lourdes   Psychosocial Labor Stress as Risk Factor of Pregnancy Disorders
                                                               and Low Weight of the Newborn Baby
Pereira Álvarez, Diana Omaira   Patrimonial State’s Responsibility Before Sexual Harassment
Pulido Navarro, Margarita   Work Conditions and Mental Disorders of the Maquila Women Workers
Verratti Soto, Yolanda   Sexual Harassment at Work: Sharing a Quest for its Transformation, under the
                                           Approach of Gender Perspective


TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Damages and Globalization Processes                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Patricia Ravelo. Reporter: Eva Moncada

Oviedo Gamero, Magaly Del Pilar   Woman, Informal Work and Health
Villarroel de Espinoza, Noralys G.   Work’s Risks and Labor Quality of Life
Elwér, Sofia   Maintaining Health Against the Odds: Health Resources and Stressors among Employees in
                        Elderly Care from a Gender Perspective
Ahlgren, Christina   A Struggle for Time to Teach: Female Teachers Experience of their Work and Health
Hernández Rosete, Daniel   AIDS at Rural Areas of Mexico Ethnographic Notes on the Returning Migration at 
                                                the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.
Eijkemans, Gerry  The WHO Global Health Work Plan


TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Methodological Developments on Work and Health                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Aismara Borges. Reporter: Mireya Escarone

Espinoza Muñante, Carmen Luisa   Improving the Worker’s Conditions and Environment
Lavoie, Marie-Claude   Protecting the Health of Healthcare Workers: Gender Matters
Uriona Hidalgo, José Luis   At my Age, If I don’t Work, I don’t Eat
Mayor Ríos, Jorge H.   Cognitive Aging, Gender and Work


TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Reality and Proposals of Union Labor                     Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Norma Malagón. Reporter: Rosario Ortiz

Barcenas Cruz, Lidia Guadalupe   Women Workers Health at the University Field
De La Garza, Guadalupe   Mobbing a Standardized and Generalized Practice
Juárez Serrano, Ma. Bernardina   Education for Health and Academic Lifestyles
López Bermúdez, Montserrat   Training for Union Representatives: “Women and Labor Health” Course
Olvera, Gloria   Campaign for Labor Health in a Gender Perspective


TUESDAY 28th FORM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 6: Scientific Work                   Audiovisual E4

Coordinator: Juana Maria Meléndez. Reporter: Teresa Ordorika

Cabral Félix de Sousa, Isabela   Gender Differences in Youth Scientific Training
García Manzano, Perla Jessica   Health Risks on the Anthropological Fieldwork
Martín Moreno, Eugenia   Academic Work and Stress the Tiredness Marks in a Group of Academic Women at Mexico City.
Sanin, Luz Helena   Health, Woman and Work. Women who Work in Science
Taddei, Cristina   Scientific Women and Health at Work



TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Labor Precariousness                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Catalina Denman. Reporter: Rosendo Medina Valdez

Campanera Reig, Mireia   Work of Women in Prison. Among the Sexism, Precariousness and Duty
David Scherlowski Leal, Helena María   Precariousness in the Work of Elementary Attention
Neves, Magda   Work and Gender: Informality Precariousness
Simões-Barbosa, Regina Helena   Gender Dimension in the (Precarious) Work of Communal Agents of
                                                           Health in Brazil: a Critical Approach
Zhuravleva, Irina   Motivation of Russian Women at the Enterprises with Harmful Working Conditions


TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Violence at Work                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Margarita Pulido Reporter: Alba Luz Robles

Acevedo Izaguirre, Doris Marlene   Violence at Work and Gender
Armstrong, Pat   Violence and Workload in Health Services
Menicucci, Eleonora   Violence Situation and Life 's Impact Female Workers


TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Researchers From UNAM: Work, Symptoms and Quality of Life       Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Teresa Ordorika Reporter: Hilda Rodríguez

Castañeda, Patricia   Diversities and Vicissitudes in the Time Distribution of the University Women Researchers
López, Jahel   Knowledge Advances on the Academic Women Lives
Olivos Santoyo, Leonardo   Silences and Words: Gender Condition
Ordorika Sacristán, Teresa   UNAM Women Researchers: Perceived Discomforts
Rosete Mohedano, Ma. Guadalupe   Labor Life and Stress of Women Researchers
Tena Guerrero, Olivia   University Women Researchers without Children


TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Women’s Work: Mental Health and Public Politics                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Ana María Seifert. Reporter Josefina Ramírez

Cox, Rachel   Sex, Power and Psychological Harassment at Work
Fernández González, Marianela   Sexual Harassment at Work on Supermarket Workers, Chile
Grau Mascayano, Patricia   Occupational Health Strategies of Rural Women
Lippel, Katherine   Policy, Work & Mental Health: Women's Issues
Medel Riquleme, Julia   Flexible Production and Reproduction of the Workforce: Mental Health Risks
Rojas Valverde, María Eugenia   Harassment and Politic Violence Towards Gender


TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Present and Past of the Union Labor Struggle                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Valentina Forastieri

Catalán Piñol, Carme   Women and Care Activities, Health, Work and Reproduction
Maria Lando, Vania   Social View about Reduction of Journal Work
Moreno Sáenz, Neus   Double Presence, Domestic Work and Wage-Earning
Regalado, María Luisa   Women who Have a Bearing on Public Politics
Saloma Gutiérrez, Ana María de Los Dolores   Cigar Makers Women Workers: Health and Work 1888-1920


TUESDAY 28th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 6: Gender and Visibility of Women Workers in Central America                 Audiovisual E4

Coordinator: Rocío Loria. Reporter: María Luisa Regalado

Aragón, Aurora   Gender Approach in the Health and Work Program in Central America
Torres, Cecilia   Renal Disease and Women Work in the West of Nicaragua
Soto, Arlén   Health Concepts of Women who Work in the Formal and informal Sector of Leon City, Nicaragua
Loría Bolaños, Rocío   Gender Vulnerability and Ethnic Group in the Labor Informality: Immigrant Workers in 
                                         Los Santos, Costa Rica
Corriols, Marianela   Exposure and Effects of Pesticides in Nicaragua: A Gender Approach



WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Gender Relationships among Health Workers                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Claudia Osorio. Reporter: María Guadalupe Pérez Galaviz

Brito, Jussara   Care Giving Activity Relational Dimension in A NCU
Osorio, Claudia   The Photography Workshop: A Developmental Method
Ribeiro-Silva, Flaviany   Reflection on the Quotidian of Night Working Nurses
Rotenberg, Lucia   A Gender Approach to Work Ability among Nurses
Silva, Marianna Araujo Da   Nurses’ Work: A Bibliographic Revision in Brazil


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Exploratory Study on Women’s Integral Health                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Alba Luz Robles Mendoza. Reporter: María Dolores García Sánchez

Arenas Montaño, Guillermina   Physical Health and Work
Cruz Yáñez, Lucía Alicia   Gender and University Education
Martínez Rivera, Margarita   Psychological Health and Work
Robles, Alba Luz   Labor Conditions and Gender
Torres Velázquez, Laura Evelia   Family and Labor Health


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Labor Safety Administration                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Delia Selene de Dios Reporter: Cointa Lagunes

Hidalgo Celarie, Nidia Lorena   The Microinsurance as an Alternative for Women
Montaña, Alejandra Érica   Woman, Work and Labor Rights
Mota, Gioconda   Women: Creators of a New Society
Picart Ramos, Ana Gloria   Integration of the Polemic Woman, Work and Health
Rivera Gaona, Ana Gabriela   Business Development Programs for Women in Michoacan
Zabala Castañeda, Nadiesda   From the Body to the Community


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Working in the Maquila                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Norma Malagón Reporter: Guadalupe de la Garza

Pulido Navarro, Margarita   Relation among Stressing Work Conditions
Pulido Navarro, Margarita   Work of Women Workers at the Maquila and Health Damages
Ravelo Blancas, Patricia   Hostility and Labor Violence in the Maquila
Scarone Adarga, Mireya   Getting Old in the Maquila


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Work and Family                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Graciela Caire. Reporter: Rosendo Medina Valdez

Mauro, Ma. Yvone Cháves   Work Conditions and Health of the Nursing Workers who act in the Medical Clinic
Rodriguez, Ma. Guadalupe   Mexican Mothers' Work and Daycare Arrangements
Stern Leuchter, Ana Verónica   Changes in the Connections between Work and Family
D'Errico, Angelo   Child Care and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
Kim, Hyunjoo   Gender Differences in the Effect of Work-Family Conflict and Mental Health: A Prospective Cohort Study


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 6: Work and Living Conditions of Immigrant Women                   Audiovisual E4

Coordinator: Ana María Seifert. Reporter: José de Jesús Jaime Guzmán

Bernstein, Stéphanie   Marginalizing Migrant Workers through Labor and Immigration Policy in Canada: The Situation of Foreign Domestic Workers Revisited
De Jesús, Thelma   Working Conditions of Canada's Live-in Caregivers
Garí Pérez, Aitana   Work and Labor Health Conditions of the Immigrant Women in Spain
Premji, Stéphanie   Work and Living Conditions of Immigrant Women



WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Legislative Proposals                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Ma. Luisa Sosa. Reporter: Ana Lau

Valls, Carme   Legislative experiences in Catalunya
Ortíz, Rosario   Social Security Commission proposal in Mexico
Rojas Marín, Belkis   Gender and Work related proposals in Venezuela
Sosa, Ma. Luisa   Legislative experience in the Gender and Equity Commission in Zacatecas


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS                                                                       Audiovisual E2

BOARD 2: International Occupational Health & Safety Efforts for Women Workers 

Coordinator: Jorma Rantanem. Reporter: Jussara Brito

Fingerhut, Marilyn   Initiating the ICOH Scientific Committee on Women, Work & Health
Enríquez Viveros Elia   Changing of Nursing World of Work and Gender Issue
Kazutaka, Kogi   Participatory Improvement of Health Care Work
Morales-Camino, Jorge A.   Diversity Programs in a Large Corporation
Fingerhut, Marilyn   Innovative Partnership Model for Preventing Occupational Needlestick Injuries


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Services Sector                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Cointa Lagunes. Reporter: Gloria Velia Reyna Barajas

Avila Jiménez Ma. Dolores,   Risk Factor on Administrative Women
Del Río Carral, María   Subjective Perception of Life Satisfaction Among Manager Women an Exploratory Study on 
                                        Qualitative Health's Psychology
Oliveira, Simone   Telemarketing Work: Suffering and Illness
Ramírez, Josefina   Stress and Emotion in a Group of Telephone Operators
Gutiérrez Carvajal, Alberto   A New Women’s Senate the Job


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 4  HIV/AIDS at work                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Axela Romero Reporter: Maura Sara Castañeda

Bodrova, Valentina Vasilievna   Policy of HIV Prevention into Reproductive Health
Horteales Rocha, Margarita   Vulnerability of Women With HIV/AIDS at the Rural Area of Zacatecas
Wissing, Thomas   Prevention, Attention and Non-Discrimination in the Workplace: ILO Policies on the HIV/AIDS
Romero Cárdenas, Axela   Comprehensive Approach of Human Rights and Gender Perspective, Unsolved Problem
                                                for the Elaboration of Public Politics of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Attention
Ortiz Aguirre, Víctor Manuel,   UNIFEM/COLMICH Research: Gender, Violence against Women and HIV
Hernández Tepichín, Griselda   Female Vulnerability and AIDS


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Double Working Day                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Cristina Tadeei. Reporter: Juana María Meléndez

Verde Flota, Elizabeth   Women: Some Life and Work Conditions
Sang Chul, Roh  The Association of the Work and Family Characteristics and Work-Family Conflict With 
                              Cardiovascular Risk Factors in South Korea
Zavala Mejía, Lilia   Health and Work of Women in Hidalgo
Sahaya, Amita   Women in India: The Contradiction of Roles and the Challenges Ahead


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 6: Care’s Work and health                   Audiovisual E4

Coordinator: Tania Araujo. Reporter: Hanna Westberg

Barbini, Norma   New Caretakers for the Elderly: A Qualitative Study of Working Conditions and Health Complaints
Barbini, Norma   Gender, Migration and Home Care to Elderly People
Delp, Linda   Job Stressors & Satisfaction in Home Care
North, Dustianne   California Home Care: A Promising Model for Workers and Recipients
Schleske Morales, María del Carmen Hilda   A Gender’s Mission: Disability Cares



WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Risks and Damages on Health Workers                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Julia Medel Reporter: Gloria Velia Reyna Barajas

Blass Rivarola, Raquel Asunción   Labor Accidents on Health Workers
David Scherlowski Leal, Helena Ma.   Organizational Conditions of Works on Health
Martínez, Ma. Del Carmen   Labor Accidents Caused by Needles on Staff
Pereira, Zegri Margarita   Gender and Health on Caracas Emergency Services
Seifert, Ana Ma.   Health Staff Practices in Order to Protect
Salerno, Silvana   Good Practices in Hospital Work Organization for Women’s Mental Health


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Life and Working Conditions                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Ma. Dolores Muñoz Cano Reporter: Martha Nidia Ballesteros

Cervantes Leandro, María Antonieta   Diet and Work: Repercussions on Health
Tikoo, Santosh   Work Environment of Women Workers in Handloom India
Verde Flota, Elizabeth   Fairness and Salary a Study on Nurse Women
Waheed, Mohiuddin   Gains or Pains, How Job Affects the Lives of Women?
Jatinder Kishtwaria   Approaches for Estimation of Economic Role and Contribution of Gaddi Tribal Women
                                    Vis-À-Vis Health Status
Jatinder Kishtwaria   Economic Contribution of Women from Market and non Market Work in India


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Ergonomic Aspects af Labor Health                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Patricia Grau. Reporter: Margarita Horteales Rocha

Contreras Urribarrí, Ma. Esther   Voice Disorders and Labor Environment
Escalona, Evelín   Ergonomics Problems: A Job Full of Sheets
González González, Rafael Eduardo   Ergonomic Adaptation of the Work Station Under Gender Perspective
Kurowski, Alicia   Changes in Ergonomic Exposures among Nursing Assistants after the Introduction of a 
                               No-Lift Program in Nursing Homes
Sandia Venot, Ronald Jacobo   Repetitive Work and Muscle and Skeletal Injuries
Yanes, Lucia   Repetitive Work and Muscle-Skeletal Injuries


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Biosocial Aspects at Work                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Corina Flores Hernández. Reporter: María Soledad Ramírez Olvera

Conejo Navarro, Ma. Rosario   Life and Work Condition of Worker Women of the Tannery Industry in 
                                                      Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.
Flores-Hernández, Corina   Health Risks among Women Working in Cabins in the Shoe Industry
Flores-Hernández, Corina   Physiological Reactivity on Women Exposed to Solvents
González Yebra, Ana Lilia   Solvents and their Consequences on Worker’s Health of the Footwear Industry of 
                                                Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

Huerta Franco, Ma. Raquel   Psychoendocrin Aspects of the Female Worker


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Public Health Policies at Work                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Sunita Kaistha. Reporter: Hanna Westberg

Baltar, M. Izabel   Regulation of Working Women in the Field of Health
Lagunes Cruz, Cointa   The Problems of Occupational Health Determined by Global Economic Policies
Copsey, Sarah   Health at Work of Women in the EU: EUOSHA Findings
Copsey, Sarah   Mainstreaming Gender into OSH – EU Experiences
Rodríguez Guzmán, Julietta   Follow-up the Gender Approach of OHS Policies in LAC
Gard, Gunvor    
Important factors in a good work rehabilitation process in Sweden. A qualitative study from 
                             the perspective of social insurance officers


WEDNESDAY 29th FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS                                                            Audiovisual E4

BOARD 6: Protecting Health of Unpaid Healthcare Workers in the Households: Gender Matters

Coordinator: Lilia Jara

Gómez, Elsa   Non-Remunerated Work and Gender Inequities
Mires, Lylian   Surveys about Use of Time Measuring the Non-Remunerated Work
Gómez-Luna, Ma. Eugenia   Satellite Accounts of the Production of the Non-Remunerated Services of Homes
Mateo, Inmaculada   Inequities in the Informal Care Practice and its Impact on Health: Application in Public Policies
                                     under Gender Perspective
Tenassee, Luz Maritza   Protecting the Health of Unpaid Healthcare Workers
Velzeboer – Salcedo Marijke.   Unpaid Healthcare Workers: Gender Matters



THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Domestic Work I                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Lena Karlqvist Reporter: Graciela Caire

Fernándes, Audrey   Urban Poor Women and the Cooking Fuel Crisis: Structural Adjustment Policies and its Impact 
                                     on Women’s Work
Habib, Rima   Measuring Housework in a Middle Eastern Context
Rotenberg, Lucía   Household and Recovery from Work: A Gender View
Sangwan, Veena   Management of Household Waste Towards Environmental Protection


THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Reproductive Health I                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Eleonora Menicucci Reporter: Enrique González Acevedo

Rohlfs Barbosa, Izabella   Medical Women is a Group of Risk for the Reproductive Health
Bazhenova, Elena   Employment Structure of Yunnan Minority Women and their Fertility Behaviour (China)
Bustamante-Montes, Lilia Patricia   Multiple Causes of Death by CC in the State of Mexico
López Badilla, Gustavo   Health Risks Analysis of Pregnant Women Working in Companies at Mexicali City
Castañeda Iñiguez, Maura Sara   Reproductive Health of the Migrant Workers


THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS                                                                   Aula Dinámica E3

BOARD 3: Social Rights: Life, Work and Health of the Agricultural Industry of Worker Women

Coordinator: Gilda Salazar Reporter: Cristina Tadeei

Aranda Gallegos, Patricia   The Right of Having Health of the Farmer Day Laborers at Pesqueira Station, 
                                                Sonora: Investigation Reflections.
Cartwright, Elizabeth   Weighing the Options of Transborder Work
Mora Ledesma, María Isabel   The Working Conditions of the Agrobusiness Working Women
Tuñón Pablos, Esperanza   Mexican Women who Extract Pulp from the Crab at US
Becerril Quintana, Ofelia   Transactional Women’s Work and the Health of the Mexican Migrants in Canada


THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Employment Conditions                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Cointa Lagunes. Reporter: Martha Nidia Ballesteros

García Hevia, Ofelia   Gender on Prevention Policies in Spain
Grijalva Monteverde, Gabriela   Employment Conditions and Access to Social Security
Ostrovskiy, Andrey   Women Employment in China: Changes in the Period of Economic Reforms
Rodríguez, Miriam Esperanza   The Gender Approach in the Andean Experience about Health and Environment


THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Art Workers                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Patricia Quijano. Reporter: Rosa María González

Dávila Ramírez, Tania Violeta   Anorexia of Teenager Women at Dance
Quijano Ferrer, Patricia   Health and Work of Women in the Art
Rodríguez, Teresa   Occupational Health on Cuban Women, Plastics arts Creators
Rodríguez Loredo, Hilda   Women in Art: Presence and Health
Torres Páez, Ma. Luisa   Woman: Art and Health Developer
Ulloa Citlalin   Mexican Women in the Current Concert Music of and their Relation with Work, Family and Health
Hernández Delgado, Ema Cecilia. New Conception in the Integrity of Scenic Artists



THURSDAY 30 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Reproductive Health II                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Rosa María González. Reporter: María Guadalupe Pérez Galaviz

Jiménez Álvarez, Marta   Women and Abortion
Orjuela Ramírez, Ma. Erley   Association between the Labor Situation of Woman and the Voluntary Interruption
                                                 of Pregnancy in Spain 1991-2005
Farfán Márquez, Aurora   Factors Associated to the Duration of Lactation, at Morelos, Mexico
Rivera, Marta Elena   Maternal Employment and Length of Lactancy
Siha, Mona   Breast Changes among Female Workers Engaged in the Manufacture of Sex Hormone


THURSDAY 30 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Agricultural Work I                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Ana Stern. Reporter: Mireya Scarone

Sangwan, Veena   Health Issues for Rural Women and Constraints
Acosta Reveles, Irma Lorena   Health and Work Risks in Farming Lands. Women Labor of the Export Agriculture
Gandhi, Sudesh   Work Organization Affecting Efficiency of Rural Woman in Kitchen
Habib, Rima   Women Labor Force Participation: Cultural Dynamics
Karlqvist, Lena   Work Environment, Equality and Health – Evaluation of a Model for Development in 
                              a Swedish Rural Area


THURSDAY 30 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Women in Construction                   Aula Dinámica E3

Coordinator: Cointa Lagunes. Reporter: Oliva Erendira Luis Delgado

English, Jane   A Case for Women’s Health and Safety at the Skills level
Morales López, Rafael   Women in Construction
Smallwood, John Julian   Women in Construction
Smallwood, John Julian   Women, Construction, Ergonomics, Health and Safety


THURSDAY 30 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Community Work                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Ma. del Carmen Fernández Ruvalcaba. Reporter: Sandra Roxana Pinedo Carpio

Avila García, Virginia   Working for Love to God
De Dios Vallejo, Delia Selene   Women and Informal Work in Mexico: La Semillita, an Alternative Service
García Padilla, Dennys Josefina   Women Role at the Composition of Socio-Productive System for Collection and Solid
                            Waste Management the Case of the Community of Tiguarade from the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela
Guzmán Mauricio, María Del Rosario   The Social Capital and the Gender Invisibility
Hernández Cobarrubias, Carmina   Commonplace of the Different
Marti Marrasé, Mercè   Health and Life Conditions


THURSDAY 30TH, FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS.

BOARD 5: Domestic Work II                   Aula Dinámica E4

Coordinator: Christian Starlight Franco Trejo. Reporter: Luz Helena Sanín

Araújo, Tânia Maria  The Impacts of Domestic Work Overload on Mental Health in Brazilian Women
Marrero Santos, Ma. de Lourdes   Perception of the Domestic Burden in Women
Florez Estrada, María   Remunerated Domestic Work and the Care Economy in Central America. Remunerated and 
                                        Non-Remunerated Work in Lives of Center American Women
Carosio, Alba   Social Protection Alternatives for Housewives



THURSDAY 30 FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 1: Agricultural Work II                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Ruth Arroyo. Reporter: Sunita Kaistha

Gandhi, Sudesh   Women’s Work and Health Problems in Dairy Activities in Haryana, India
Oranday Dávila, Ma. Stella   Peasant Women Situation
Usman, Lantana   Working Lives of Northern Nigerian Rural Widows
Vyas, Rekha   Drudgery in Work Impairing Health of Farm Women in India


THURSDAY 30 FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 2: Problems in Masculine Works                   Audiovisual E2

Coordinator: Hilda Rodríguez. Reporter: Evelín Escalona

Del Pino Peña, Rebeca   Steel Mermaids in High Sea: Quality of Life on the Work of Women’s Staff at the
                                            Marine Oil Platforms
Del Pino Peña, Rebeca   Voices from Sea Women: Qualitative Study on Mobbing and Psychological Violence 
                                            on Worker Women at Offshore Facilities.
González Tovar, María Juana   Health Risks in Women’s Drivers Work
Rojas Marín, Belkis Coromoto   Fisher Women and the Invisibility of their Work


THURSDAY 30 FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 3: Participation and Labor Rights                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Guadalupe de la Garza. Reporter: María Dolores García Sánchez

Cornish, Mary   Securing the Right of Women to Safe Work
Korinfeld, Silvia Marta   Worker’s Participation on their Conditions Improvement and Work Environment. Requests 
                                          of Union Organizations or Workers Associations.
Sasse, Rosane   Women and Work Illness
Singh, Jayshree   The Role and Responsibilities of Different Stakeholders: The Women, the Police, the Commission 
                              and the State Machineries
Laurent, Vogel   Reproductive Risk at Work: Linking Occupational Health and Equality in a Trade Union Perspective


THURSDAY 30 FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 4: Segregation and Labor Market                   Audiovisual E3

Coordinator: Ana Stern. Reporter: Olivia Tena Guerrero

Bustos Torres, Beatriz Adriana   Professional Labor Markets and Women
Galeano Gasca, Ells Natalia   The Physical Aesthetics as a Work Condition
Jarquín Sánchez, María Elena   Changes on the Work Characteristics of Mexican Migrant Women to the 
                                                       United States. 2000-2007
Jiménez-Rosano, Omar   Labor Market in Puebla, México.
Westberg, Hanna   Gender Segregation and Effects on Working Conditions


THURSDAY 30 FROM 16:00 TO 18:00 HRS

BOARD 5: Rights and Health                   Aula Dinámica E2

Coordinator: Gilda Salazar Reporter: María Luisa Sosa de la Torre

Arellano Gálvez, Ma. del Carmen   The Right of Attention to the Couple Violence in a Migratory Context
Coates, Ana   Rights and Duties of the Reproductive Role of Women in Mexico
Grabois, Ana   Good Practices for the Promotion and Implementation of Public Policies Relating to Sexual 
                           and Reproductive Rights
Izquierdo Machín, Esther   Rights of the Worker Woman
Romero Contreras, Ma. Eugenia   Reproductive Rights and Health of Worker Women
Rodríguez y Castillo, Felipe   Reviews about Domestic Work and Globalization

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WEDNESDAY 29 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

ARENA 1: Desarrollos metodológicos sobre el trabajo y la salud


Oramas Viera, Arlene     Conflictos y encuentros entre identidad de género
Guzman Roque, Ivonne de la Caridad     Evaluacion de los conocimientos sobre vih/sida ocupacional
Ceron Ferrer, Enrique     Mujeres: características del trabajo femenino
Guevara, Yohaisa     Tiempo para si y tiempo para otros en mujeres

WEDNESDAY 29 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

ARENA 2: Factores de riesgo en el trabajo


Todea, Adriana     Are men more susceptible to noise than women?
Rodríguez Guzmán, Lucía     Condiciones de trabajo y salud docente en escuelas
Contreras Estrada, Monica Isabel     Significados de la Economía Informal en Mujeres.
Arenas Montaño, Guillermina     Factores de riesgo para enfermedades en universitarias
Groborz, Anna     Work conditions of women on Polish farms
Habib, Rima     Musculoskeletal disorders among nurses in Beirut
Habib, Rima     Low back pain: a nuse´s curse

THURSDAY 30 FROM 10:00 TO 12:00 HRS

ARENA 3: Factores psicosociales


Iavicoli, Sergio     A survey about perceptions of psychosocial risks, work-related stress, violence
                              and bullying by stakeholders
Aguilera-Velasco, Ma. de los Angeles     Estrés Psicosocial Laboral En Embarazadas Del Sector De La Salud
Preciado Serrano, Ma. de Lourdes     Síndrome de burnout en odontólogos.
Almeida, Maura Maria Guimarães     Transtornos mentales comunes en mujeres: estudio comparativo entre las
                                                                amas y trabajadoras
Aldrete Rodriguez, Maria Guadalupe     Factores pscosociales y sindrome de burnout en las docentes de
                                                                     educación media
Araújo, Tânia Maria de     Mental disorders and work-related psychosocial aspects  among nurses
Araújo, Tânia Maria de      Psychosocial work conditions and arterial hypertension in pregnancy, Bahia, Brazil

THURSDAY 30 FROM 12:00 TO 14:00 HRS

ARENA 4: Riesgos para la salud en servicios


Aldrete Rodriguez, Ma. Guadalupe     El trabajo de las mujeres de una universidad pública
Do Sacramento,  Edna Ma.     Condiciones de trabajo e enfermedad de las personas nas operaciónes de tele marketing
Tomao, Paola     Latent tuberculosis infection in 27 nuns
Santes, Ma. del Carmen     Violencia laboral en el personal de enfermería de un hospital público de
                                               Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Martínez, Ma. del Carmen     Condiciones de trabajo y salud. Trabajadoras de archivo de historias médicas.
                                                   Edo. Aragua. Venezuela.
Faria Campos, Juliana     Terapia Intensiva y salud de enfermeras
Rodriguez Mora, Emma Matilde     Condiciones de Trabajo en Call centers


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