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The General Secretariat of the V International Congress Woman, Work & Health announces that the reception of proposals has closed. Nevertheless, registrations for assistants continue.



The V International Congress on Woman, Work and Health, the V Hispanamerican Encounter of Independent Movies and Documental Video: All Voices against Silence and the journal La Jornada, inform that the reception of works has closed. Results will soon be published. Thank you for your participation.



Help us find this young women missing in Ciudad Juárez and in Chihuahua, Mexico.


 Desaparecidas/Missing women         Contactos/Contacts



Last time seen: 18 January 2008 leaving Allende Highschool and walking towards the bus stop of the Juárez-Zaragoza route.

Age 15 years old

Any information, please contact her family in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico at:

52 (656) 632 7463

or contact the Missing Persons Unit in  Ciudad Juárez, Mexico at:

52 (656) 629 3300 ext 56292





Missing place: Chihuahua, Mexico
Missing since March 4th 2008

Complexion Thin
High: 1.65 metres aprox. - Weight: 55 Kgs. aprox.
Skin: brunette

Hair: Black, Curly, Below the shoulders

Oval face, thin eyebrows, medium eyes, regular nose, thin lips, white teeth, frontal teeth slightly separated. No distinctive marks.

Clothes: Pants size 7 or 9 (mx), Polo shirt size small-medium. Black shoes seize 4 (mx). Black sweater with red bands

Any information, please call:

In Chihuahua: Home: (614)185 3466; mobile (614) 247 9301

In Cd. Juárez: Home (656) 619-9037 mobile (656) 197-0589
In Cd. Juárez: Home (656)679-0177 Nextel (656) 143-3457
Or at the State Attorneys Office in Chihuahua (Center Zone) at:  52 (614) 429-3300 Ext. 14283



Height1.65 meters aprox.
Complexion: Thin
Skin: Brunette
Eyes color: Dark brown
Eyebrows: Arched and depilated
Size: Big
Form: Oval
Nose: medium and flat
Mouth: Medium
Form: Straight
Lips: Thick
Hair: Dyed dark brown
Form: Curly
Lenght: Below the shoulders
Distinctive marks: None

Missing since: February 25th, 2008
Place: Neighborhood 16 de Septiembre
52 (656) 629 3300 Ext. 56454 y 56455 in Ciudad Juárez
52 (614) 429 3300 Ext. 14363 y 14346 in Chihuahua.




Report about One  day National Seminar on  The Role of Trade Unions to Safe the Workers From HIV/AIDS  At Ambassador Hotel  Lahore on 1st December, 2007. On the Occasion of World AIDS DAY


One day National Seminar on The Role of Trade Unions to safe the Workers from HIV-AIDS  organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) with the collaboration of  World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO) at Ambassador  Hotel Lahore. Trade Unions Representatives from all over the Country including 30 Women’s attended the Seminar.


Haji Muhammad Saeed Secretary General welcomes the participants. He said that HIV-AIDS is a particular concern of Workers and in Pakistan HIV/AIDS prevalence is higher among the Workers than the others peoples and due to this their Families and workers Communities has the implications.


He Said that it is the duty of Trade Unions to play an active Role to help their Members and Workers in their fight against the HIV/AIDS. He said that World Health Organization (WHO) has established 1st December as World AIDS Day in 1988.This gives an opportunity for peoples on Globe to unite in the fight against HIV-AIDS. He appreciated the efforts of ILO and all other International Trade Unions Organization to safe the workers from HIV/AIDS.


Mr. Waheed Ahmad Ch. Director PLF HIV/AIDS Center said that PLF has implementing HIV/AIDS Awareness programme in all over the Country at Work Place through Seminars and Workshops. He said that Trade Union workers can play very effective role to protect its workers and their Families from this deadly disease. He said that according to UNAIDS report at present the total number of infected peoples estimated 40 million are living with this virus.


He also said that The global community needs to maximise the use of HIV prevention interventions that are available today, including widespread HIV and sexuality education, particularly for young people; efforts to shift gender norms that put women and girls at a disadvantage; and the development of newer and better prevention options. Countries with established research capacity should increase and sustain their funding for research to combat HIV, TB, malaria and other neglected diseases.  They should also explore incentives to stimulate greater private sector engagement. Donor nations should help ensure adequate support for Aids vaccine research and development. Without better prevention, the costs of treating Aids will only continue to soar.


 Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson  said that it is the duty of Trade unions that they should worked hard to ensure that Workers should be protected from this Disease and we should continue our campaign which we started on World AIDS day.


Mrs. Hina Noor President Women Wing Lahore said that PLF has continuously intensified its efforts to safe the workers from HIV/AIDS. She said that Women workers can play very positive Role to safe the Workers from HIV/AIDS. She appreciated the PLF HIV/AIDS Center efforts to create awareness amongst the workers.


Dr Ghulam Muhammad Samroo In charge  PLF HIV/AIDS Center said that the Trade Unions have very effective Role and Responsibilities in the Society and they can play very positive Role for protecting the workers from HIV/AIDS. He Said that HIV/AIDS is unique in human history in its rapid spread. Millions peoples killed in all over the World due to this disease.


Mrs. Nahid Akhtar, Mrs. Zahada, Mrs Nadra Shahzad,Ms Shamila Sadiq Mr. Arslan, Mr. Faisal Ayyaz Mr. Abdullha  and Habib Ullha Khattak  also addressed the Seminar.


(Haji Muhammad Saeed)

Secretary General

Pakistan Labour Federation

2/136-A, Aman Park Baghbanpura Lahore


Ph. +92-42-6856984

Fax +92-42-6844293

[email protected]


Note:  We shall be most grateful if you could kindly include our Federation name in to you mailing list and send us your publications. and also inform us about your Conference , Seminar, Workshop and training Programs


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